SurveyMonkey vs Typeform vs Fieldboom

SurveyMonkey vs Typeform vs Fieldboom

One of the questions we get asked the most is how Fieldboom compares to other software that can be used to create online forms, surveys and quizzes. More specifically, we get asked about SurveyMonkey and Typeform the most. All 3 options have pros and cons, depending on your needs and what you’re after.

To help make your decision easy, we’ve put together this in-depth comparison which looks at important attributes like pricing, free trial options, important features, ease-of-use and more.

CostStarts at $49/monthStarts at $35/monthStarts at $35/month
Free Trial/Account?Free account (restricted)Free basic (restricted)Free account (restricted)
Pricing ModelMonth-to-month
(annual discount)
Charged annually
(excluding standard plan)
Refund PolicyYes, within 30 daysNo refundsNo refunds
Lead Capture FormsYesNoYes
Feedback SurveysYesYesYes
QuizzesYesYes (extra $$$)Yes
Built-In CRMYesYesNo (export/integration required)
Label, Tag & Star ResponsesYesNoNo
Data Trends & InsightsYesYesYes
Comment On ResponsesYesCX product only (starts at $200/month)No
Conversion TrackingYesNoNo


Fieldboom, SurveyMonkey and Typeform all list pricing on their web sites and are transparent, however SurveyMonkey is well-known for having an extremely strict no-refund policy which has frustrated many of their customers and caused them to switch to another provider. As you can see on TrustPilot, 44% of their customers rate them as “Bad”, or 1 out of 5 possible stars, so that’s something to watch out for.

Fieldboom Pricing

Fieldboom’s pricing is $49/month flat rate for the Unlimited plan, which includes all features, unlimited users, unlimited file hosting (for File Upload field types), fast and responsive live chat support and absolutely no restrictions. Yearly plans have 2 months free.

Fieldboom Pricing Page

SurveyMonkey Pricing

Out of 3 available plans, only the Standard plan can be paid for by the month. The Advantage and Premier plans are annual commitments and as mentioned above, SurveyMonkey has a strict no-refunds policy, so be careful here.

pngbase64e1825bbaed299bf1 1

SurveyMonkey also has their “CX” (Customer Experience) platform, which costs $200-$650 per month, however this is also billed annually and is designed for enterprise customers.

Typeform Pricing

Typeform’s pricing plans are relatively straightforward. Plans can be paid for by the month with a discount for annual prepayment.

pngbase64a1e35694e730cb09 1

Because Typeform doesn’t include any way to manage responses (besides viewing them or exporting to Excel), you may also need to pay for a tool like Zapier to export responses from Typeform into your CRM, so that’s something to consider.

Free Trials & Setup

Fieldboom offers a 15-day free trial (no credit card required) so you can test out the entire platform. SurveyMonkey and Typeform offer free accounts, however they do come with some pretty annoying restrictions.

If you want to experience all of the features SurveyMonkey or Typeform offer, then you’ll need to upgrade from your free account to a paid plan.

Features & Ease-Of-Use

If you need an enterprise-grade survey platform where you can create your survey, purchase responses from an audience and analyze those responses with advanced text analysis, then SurveyMonkey is your best bet.

They’ve been in the market for over a decade, but while they have advanced capabilities, their ease-of-use has suffered as more and more features have been crammed into the interface.

However, if you have an existing CRM such as Salesforce or Insightly (or if you use a platform like Infusionsoft to save your customer data) then Typeform could be a good option. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll need to pay for Zapier to automatically sync responses from Typeform to your CRM, which can add up quickly.

On the other hand, if you don’t need advanced enterprise features (like text analysis and statistical significance), value simplicity over complexity and you want a lightweight all-in-one platform, then Fieldboom could be just what you’re looking for.

Lead Capture Forms

SurveyMonkey, as the name implies, is good for surveying your audience with customer feedback surveys and such.

Fieldboom and Typeform, however, also allow you to create lead capture forms which you can add to your website or blog in just a few clicks. Because the lead capture forms are extremely easy to customize, you can add your brand’s colors, logo and even font, resulting in high completion rates, meaning more leads for your business.

Here’s an example lead capture form created with Fieldboom:

product shot 11

Feedback Surveys

All 3 platforms can be used to create feedback surveys (Fieldboom and SurveyMonkey include the Net Promoter Score (NPS) question types whereas Typeform does not), so the score is fairly even here. Each platform has a variety of options for how the questions are displayed and how the forms appear design-wise.

Here’s a customer feedback survey created with SurveyMonkey:

pngbase642f8022b5725417 1

Here’s a customer feedback survey created with Typeform:

pngbase64c20579a2351ccbd7 1

Finally, here’s a customer feedback survey created with Fieldboom:

product shot 13

Built-In CRM

What starts to set the platforms apart is how you can manage and interact with the survey responses when they start coming in from your customers, employees or audience.

All 3 platforms let you browse responses one-by-one as well as view insights into your data, such as trends, most popular answer choices, etc.

Here’s how responses look in SurveyMonkey by default:

pngbase64efc269287bfe08d1 1

Even though this screenshot was taken from an account with a paid plan, you can see there are (still!) endless messages trying to force an upgrade to an even more expensive plan. This comes back to what we said earlier. SurveyMonkey has a lot of features, but the user experience has suffered dramatically as a result.

Here’s how responses look in Typeform by default (this is from a real account, so some of the actual answers have been blurred for privacy):

pngbase64575096797707af47 1

The interface here is definitely cleaner, but if you’re looking to manage your responses (label, star, leave notes or comments, etc) in any way, you can’t – you’ll need to export them to Microsoft Excel or sync them to your CRM using Zapier to do that.

Here’s how responses look in Fieldboom by default:

pngbase6459cf31d3212607cc 1

What you’ll notice here (besides the clean design) is that you can actually manage your responses without having to export them to Excel or sync them to another product (although you can do that via a Zapier integration to 750+ apps). With Fieldboom you can label responses, star them, mark them as read or unread and even star them. It feels exactly like the emails in your inbox.

When you click into an individual response, you’ll notice that it’s more than just rows of text. For example, with this response to a customer feedback survey, you can see the answer to the first question (a Net Promoter Score) is represented visually:

pngbase64a96fa87d6f3cf188 1

Conversion Tracking

If you’re looking to track how much it costs to generate a response to your form (for example, if you want to create a lead capture form that you drive paid traffic to), then all 3 platforms offer you the ability to redirect someone to a page on your web site when they’ve filled in your form.

With Fieldboom, however, you can add your tracking pixel code (from Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, etc) to the built-in thank you page, so instead of creating an entire page on your web site just to track your conversions, you can do it from within Fieldboom:

pngbase6438328d48d7916c7b 1

Conclusion: Which Survey Platform Should You Choose?

If you’re looking for a simple but powerful way to capture more leads and feedback, then Fieldboom and Typeform are your best bets, because SurveyMonkey is much better suited to enterprise users with larger budgets and more sophisticated data analysis needs. Plus, based on feedback from their frustrated customers, their refund policy is less than ideal.

The choice between Fieldboom and Typeform is of course up to you. Here are Fieldboom we’re obviously working hard to create the best all-in-one solution for capturing leads and feedback so you can grow your business faster, so here’s a final list of reasons we think you’ll love Fieldboom:

  • You can get started completely free, no credit card required
  • You can capture everything your business needs: customer feedback, leads, job applications, website enquiries, registrations, event and employee feedback
  • You can label, star, manage and comment on leads or responses without exporting them to Excel or synching with another tool, which saves you time and money
  • You can export all responses or sync then to over 750+ apps like Salesforce, Mailchimp, etc
  • You’ll get lightning fast responses if you ever reach out to us for support or need help
  • We have simple pricing that’s affordable for businesses and teams of all sizes

If you found this comparison useful, then you’ll probably love Fieldboom. Why not give it a try? It’s completely free and you’ll have your first form or survey designed and ready to go in just a few minutes.