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Fieldboom was built to help SaaS companies grow faster.

Onboard based on personas and product usage

You sell to multiple personas and nothing will increase your trial-to-paid conversion rate like an email onboarding sequence created specifically for each persona you serve.

With Fieldboom, you can use a quiz to group people in to personas. You can then pass their persona to your email software as a tag and send them customized onboarding emails based on both their persona and their product usage.

This quiz is available as a template in Fieldboom

Convert more trials with surveys

If you're like most SaaS companies, your users don't hear from you again once their trial expires and they don't convert.

With Fieldboom, you can survey trial users who didn't convert. You can use their feedback to improve your conversion rate and offer them an incentive to become a customer immediately once they've completed the survey (such as free onboarding).

This survey is available as a template in Fieldboom

Leverage social proof

One of the simplest ways to increase your trial-to-paid conversion rate is to send out customer testimonials via email at key milestones during the onboarding period. We call these the "aha! moments".

With Fieldboom it's easy to create a testimonial request form, which you can email to your customers. You can then send those testimonials to your trial users to show them what success looks like, increasing your trial-to-paid conversion rate in the process.

This form is available as a template in Fieldboom

Customer story — Teach Starter

Using Fieldboom, Teach Starter collects thousands of NPS surveys per month and gets up to a 60% visitor-to-lead conversion rate. Here's how they do it.

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