Turn Existing Clients into Your Biggest Source of New Business.

Fieldboom was built to help professional services companies grow faster.

Stop attrition before it happens

It sounds so simple, but the best way to stop attrition and keep your clients happy is to create a regular feedback loop using surveys.

With Fieldboom, you can create a Net Promoter Score survey and send it to your clients every quarter. Better yet, you can customize your survey to collect the contact details of frustrated clients so you can follow up and retain them.

This survey is available as a template in Fieldboom

Happy employees = happy clients

Think about it — when your employees are happy, they will naturally do a better job serving your clients. But do you know if your employees are happy?

With Fieldboom, you can survey your employees to find out how they feel. You can use their feedback to improve your business, leading to happier employees and happier clients.

This survey is available as a template in Fieldboom

Use CSAT surveys to improve support

It costs 7x more to win a new client than it does to keep an existing client. But what's the secret to happy clients? First, it's providing a great service. Second, it's providing incredible support.

With Fieldboom you can create a CSAT (Customer SATisfaction) survey which is sent to clients after every support interaction. You can then use their feedback to improve the quality of your support and reduce attrition.

This survey is available as a template in Fieldboom

Customer story — ShineSolar

Being in a relatively new space like solar is tricky. Here’s how ShineSolar uses a simple quiz to educate prospects and prime them to close, before passing them over to a sales rep.