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Fieldboom was built to help professional services companies grow faster.

Host a VIP event for your leads

All the technology in the world still can't beat good old face-to-face events as a way of converting leads in to clients.

With Fieldboom, you can create a beautiful event invitation which you can then email to your leads. Invite them to a VIP lunch or speaking event and pitch your services at the end to win new clients.

This form is available as a template in Fieldboom

Collect and share client stories

One of the simplest ways to turn more leads in to clients is to send them stories of how you've helped other clients become successful.

With Fieldboom it's easy to create a testimonial request form, which you can email to your existing clients. You can then send those testimonials to your leads, demonstrating how you can help them.

This form is available as a template in Fieldboom

Engage leads with an educational quiz

Not every lead is ready to become a client right now, so why not use a quiz to educate them and move them down your sales funnel?

With Fieldboom you can create a dynamic and personalized quiz, which will help your leads understand how your services can help them achieve their goals.

This quiz is available as a template in Fieldboom

Customer story — ShineSolar

Being in a relatively new space like solar is tricky. Here’s how ShineSolar uses a simple quiz to educate prospects and prime them to close, before passing them over to a sales rep.

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