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All The Features You Need

Fieldboom is easy enough for anyone to use, yet powerful enough to create smart automations that will help grow your business faster.

Skip Logic

Use skip logic to change what people see next, based on their answer to the current question.

Answer Piping

Include an answer from a previous question as part of a new question or on the "Thank You" screen.


See trends and insights across all responses using our powerful reporting dashboards and charts.


Get notified of new responses via multiple channels including email, Slack and desktop notifications.

Answer Scoring

Score people based on answers and show a custom Thank You page or redirect URL based on their score.

API Access

Access our complete developer API to push and pull responses, create custom reports and more.


Automatically sync responses to your CRM, email software or 750+ other apps in just a few clicks.


Create custom pricing rules based on answer scoring and take payments using Stripe or Paypal.

File Uploads

Make it easy for people to upload files via your forms, including PDFs and larger file types.

Looking To Switch?

Here's an honest comparison of how we stack up against a few of our competitors. Click a logo to see the comparison:

It’s never been this easy

It’s never been this easy

  • image description Really, really (really!) easy to use

    Build stunning forms and surveys using our point-and-click editor in just a few minutes. No design or tech skills required. Promise.

  • image description Ask for anything and everything

    Go beyond simple multichoice questions. Capture files, appointment dates and times, Net Promoter Score and more.

No designer required

No designer required

  • image description Looks just like your brand

    Completely customize colors, fonts and background images so your forms and surveys match your brand down to a tee!

  • image description Beautiful on any device

    Every form and survey you create looks beautiful on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones automatically.

You’ll get
insights fast

You’ll get insights fast

  • image description Beautifully presented responses

    Read responses one-by-one in a clutter-free design, so you can focus on really understanding the people who matter to you.

  • image description The trend is your friend

    Get a deep understanding of the trends that shape your audience as a whole and understand the “why” behind their responses.

It's intuitive to use

It's intuitive to use

  • image description It feels just like email

    Read through responses individually. Apply labels for easy sorting. Mark responses as read or unread. Star important responses. Just like email.

  • image description A picture tells 1,000 words

    Responses come alive with images, icons and visual representations of answers, making it easier and faster to interpret results.

Good looking and smart

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Track CPL and other metrics

Using Fieldboom to capture leads or registration? Add tracking code from your ad platforms to track CPL (Cost Per Lead) on a completed form.

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Instant email notifications

Get notified immediately via email when someone fills in your form or survey so you take action in real-time.

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Labels make organizing easy

Create and apply labels to responses. For example, you might sort leads into Hot, Warm and Cold for easy follow up.

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Custom redirect on completion

Send people to your website, blog or online store once they’ve completed your form or survey.

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Confirmation emails

Automatically send a confirmation, thank you or next steps email to everyone who completes your form or survey.

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Add a personal touch

Increase completion rates with a custom welcome message and thank people with a custom message when they’re done.

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