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Fieldboom was built to help e-commerce companies grow faster.

Find out what happened

Over 70% of online carts are abandoned, but do you know what's stopping your browsers from becoming buyers?

With Fieldboom, you can create an abandoned cart survey so you can understand exactly why people aren't completing their orders. You can even offer them a discount at the end of the survey.

This survey is available as a template in Fieldboom

Incentivize them to stick around

One of the best ways to increase orders is to show an offer when someone is about to abandon their cart on your web site.

With Fieldboom, you can pop up an offer — such as a coupon or free shipping — in exchange for their email address, so even if they do abandon, you have a way to follow up.

This survey is available as a template in Fieldboom

Customer story — Foundr

Foundr relies heavily on market research and customer surveys to decide which products and online courses to create. Here's how they do it.

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