Know Which Products Will Sell — Before You Launch.

Fieldboom was built to help e-commerce companies grow faster.

Launch the right product on day one

Let's face it — e-commerce today is crowded. To improve your chances of success, it's critical to collect product feedback from your market well before you launch.

With Fieldboom, you can use a survey to get feedback from potential customers, which you can use to refine your product, pricing, etc before you launch, dramatically increasing your changes of success.

This survey is available as a template in Fieldboom

Perfect your product before launch

You're starting to get your first customers, great. But now what? You need to use their feedback to "iron out the kinks" in your product before you start to invest in marketing.

With Fieldboom, you can create a feedback loop to ask early customers how they're liking your product and what you can improve to make it even better before you officially launch.

This survey is available as a template in Fieldboom

Build your email list before you launch

If you're planning to set up a web site, you'll want to capture as many email addresses as you can, so you have a built-in audience when you launch.

With Fieldboom, you can show a pop up with an incentive — such as 10% off at launch — to join your email list. You can then notify them when you launch.

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Customer story — Foundr

Foundr relies heavily on market research and customer surveys to decide which products and online courses to create. Here's how they do it.

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