[Case Study] Got A Low Shopify Conversion Rate? Here's How To Fix It

Looking for a way to increase your Shopify sales without spending more on marketing? Conversion quizzes are your answer. Here's why...

Increase Shopify Conversion Rate

How many products do you sell in your Shopify store? 3? 50? 500? More?

For most online stores, product discovery is hard for potential customers. They hit your homepage and might see a few banners and featured products, but how do they know which specific product they should purchase?

In most cases they don’t. They get overwhelmed with your selection and leave. That’s why the typical Shopify store only converts visitors to customers at a rate of around 3%.

So what happens to the other 97%? How can you get them to buy from you? The trick is to simplify the buying process by literally TELLING THEM what to buy.

You heard me correctly – don’t give them an option. TELL THEM what to buy.

Conversion Quizzes – Your Automated Sales Rep

“But that’s so rude – won’t I turn people off?” I hear you ask. Good question. And no, you won’t IF you use some simple personalization to understand the people visiting your web site and which problem they’re looking to solve.

This is possible with Fieldboom by creating what we call a conversion quiz.

Think of it like this – imagine if you had a phone number on your web site that people could call 24x7x365 to speak with a friendly, helpful sales rep who asked questions about what they wanted and guided them to the right product.

That’s exactly what a conversion quiz does – but it works on autopilot once you set it up, doesn’t need a paycheck or desk and never complains about working 24x7x365.

You’ve probably seen quizzes on sites like Buzzfeed. If not, they have hundreds you can see here. Quizzes aren’t only amazingly effective at being shared on social media – they’re also a killer conversion tool for e-commerce web sites.

BuzzFeed’s “Which Dog Breed Are You Based On The Outfit You Style From Urban Outfitters?” quiz has been completed by over 3M people

BuzzFeed’s “Which Dog Breed Are You Based On The Outfit You Style From Urban Outfitters?” quiz has been completed by over 3M people

Why Quizzes Work So Well

Why do quizzes work so well? There are 3 main reasons:

  • High Engagement – Compared to filling in a simple form or browsing hundreds of products, conversion quizzes have high engagement because the questions and outcome of the quiz change depending on the person.
  • Curiosity – People love to take quizzes because they’re curious about themselves and the results of the quiz.
  • Personalized Recommendations – At the end of the quiz you can recommend your best product for each person based on the specific problem they want to solve. You can also recommend products based on dozens of attributes like their age, gender, location, marital status, fitness level, etc.

An Example Conversion Quiz

I mentioned earlier that you can use Fieldboom to create a conversion quiz for your Shopify store. It takes all of about 20 minutes to put together.

Before I show you an example conversion quiz, let’s look at Frank Body’s Shopify store, which offers 31 different coffee scrubs, body balms and face cleansers:

Frank Body's Home Page 

It’s completely unrealistic to expect someone to be able to choose from 31 different products based on photos, prices and 5 word product names.

(Note: If your Shopify store is set up in a similar way then keep reading – I’ll tell you why that’s a fatal mistake – and how you can fix it.)

So what will most people who visit Frank Body’s home page do? You guessed it – they’ll get confused or overwhelmed and leave.

Frank Body might retarget them using Facebook or Instagram ads over the following few days, but the buying opportunity is pretty much gone.

So what could Frank Body do to avoid this overwhelm and sky rocket their conversion rate?

Well, what if they offered a conversion quiz at the top of their home page instead:

Example Conversion Quiz

When clicked, this banner would bring up an interactive, personalized conversion quiz like this (feel free to click through the quiz – it’s completely interactive and was created in about 10 minutes with Fieldboom):


Instead of showing 31 different products, Frank Body could recommend just ONE product based on the person’s needs and what they’ve chosen they’re hoping to achieve when they were filling out their conversion quiz.

In this example, question 5 is the most important because we’re asking what they want to fix and can then make a clear product recommendation based on their problem, which leads them to the exact product they need – without having to browse our product range trying to figure this out for themselves:

Conversion Quiz Structure

Can you see how this approach leads to a huge increase in conversion rate, time on your site and therefore sales? We’re simply reducing friction using a conversion quiz that’s personalized and focusing on recommending ONE product for each person.

The Impact Of Conversion Quizzes

What kind of impact do you think a quiz like this might have on your conversion rate and Shopify sales? Well let me tell you – if your current conversion rate is right around the 3% average, it’s entirely possible to see a 4, 5 or even 6% conversion rate using a quiz.

In other words, it’s possible to increase your sales 25% – 100% with a conversion quiz, depending on what you sell and how your online store is currently set up.

So now you’re probably thinking “Great! How can I get a conversion quiz on my Shopify store?”. Well that’s what I’ll show you now. It takes less than 20 minutes to create and launch.

How To Create Your Conversion Quiz

In this section I’ll walk you through the simple process we used to create the Frank Body conversion quiz (and banner image) we’ve been referring to in this post.

We will create a simple 3 question version just to get you up and running and so you can see how everything works.

After reading this section you’ll have everything you need to create your own conversion quiz and add it to your Shopify home page.

Step 1 – Create Your Fieldboom Account

We built Fieldboom to help e-commerce merchants build quizzes, forms and surveys to generate more sales and customer feedback. We offer a fully functional 15-day free trial and you don’t need a credit card.

Go ahead and create your Fieldboom account by clicking here. It takes less than a minute. Once you’ve done that, come back and complete step 2 below.

Step 2 – Create Your Conversion Quiz

Now that you’ve got your Fieldboom account, make sure you’re signed in and click the “Create a Form” button, which looks like this:

The form builder will appear. Click on the text at the top of the page that says “Untitled Form” and change it to “Frank Body Quiz”, like this:

Now let’s add some questions to our quiz. With Fieldboom you can simply drag a question type from the left column and drop it on to your quiz. We’ll start by asking for their first name, like this:

Next, let’s ask for their email address. We’ll use answer piping so the question text includes their first name, such as “How about your email address Jess?”:

Finally, let’s add a multiple choice question asking what they want to fix:

We’re all done creating the questions for the quiz. Go ahead and hit that orange Save button at the top of the page and then hit the Preview button so you can see your quiz. Here’s what we’ve got so far:

A pretty basic, boring looking quiz huh? But it works!

Let’s now change things up by first adding some scoring (so we can recommend products on the thank you page) and then we’ll create a beautiful design.

Step 3 – Add Scoring Logic

To keep things simple, we’re going to add some basic scoring to our quiz that will allow us to recommend products based only on their answer to qu