Here's Everything We Shipped In June

June has been our biggest month ever! We've shipped pop up forms based on behavior, dozens of templates, duplicate a form, show score on Thank You pages and much more!


June has been our biggest month yet! We’ve shipped a huge number of new features, all requested by our great customers. You can learn more about what we’ve shipped below.

Pop Up a Form When People Visit, Scroll, Click Or Leave

If you’re using Fieldboom to collect email subscribers, to generate strategy sessions or to qualify leads, you’ll love this. You can now pop up your form based on the behavior of your web site visitors. Learn more here.

Popup Forms

Dozens of Built-In Templates

Let’s face it – building a form, survey or quiz from scratch is hard. Well, we’ve just added dozens of professionally designed templates you can choose from. Each template is not only beautifully designed, but comes pre-built with all of the questions, personalization, skip logic and scoring you need. Learn more here.

New Features - Templates

Duplicate an Existing Form

This was by far our most requested feature. From the dashboard you can simply click the … menu and then choose “Duplicate” to make a copy of your form:

Duplicate a Form

Show Score on Thank You pages

Creating a quiz, assessment or qualifying leads using our scoring feature? You can now output their score on your Thank You pages. You can also pass it as a variable in your URL if you redirect them to another page on your site, such as

Score on Thank You Page

Other Improvements

  • We’ve added over 20 new fonts you can choose from
  • Paragraph fields appear 50% bigger
  • Question numbers aren’t shown for explainer text fields
  • When you use answer piping, the placeholder text is inserted where your cursor is
  • Multiple choice answers with long text now look great instead of squished

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