Introducing Quizzes: Generate 248% More Leads & Customers

We've recently released scoring, which allows you to create lead quizzes. Here's everything you need to know to generate more leads from your web site and ads using Fieldboom.

Lead Quizzes

Have you ever wanted to create a quiz which you can use to generate more leads and offer product/service recommendations based on someone’s answers to questions like job title, skill, location, gender, etc?

Well now you can, with scoring.

How can lead quizzes help grow your business?

Lead quizzes have been proven to generate up to 248% more leads than regular lead capture forms, because they are interactive and offer personalized product/service recommendations at the end of the quiz.

Here are a few examples:

  • Run an online store? Use a quiz on your e-commerce site to offer personalized product recommendations to new visitors. See an example.
  • Run a golf academy? Use a quiz to assess each player’s skillset and goals and recommend a personalized approach to teaching. See an example.
  • Run a digital agency? Use a quiz to learn about leads and recommend the best marketing package and next steps for their needs. See an example.

Try a sample lead quiz for yourself


We’ve put together the sample lead quiz above using our new scoring feature. Go through the quiz and choose different answers each time, to see the different recommendations at the end of the quiz.

Watch as we create a lead quiz in less than 10 minutes

 We’ve put together an overview on the feature and a quick example of how you can use scoring to segment leads and offer them different products based on their score. You can check it out here.

Create your first lead quiz now

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