Case Study: How To Double Your Shopify Customer Lifetime Value With One Simple Tweak

With one simple tweak, you can increase your Shopify Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) by 30-100%. Here's the step-by-step process to do just that in less than an hour.

Increase Shopify Conversion Rate

You’ve spent weeks (or maybe months) setting up everything to launch your Shopify store and now you’re live and getting customers – maybe from Facebook Ads, maybe from Google.

It doesn’t matter. The point is, you’re making money. Congratulations! 💰🎉

Now here’s an important question:

For every customer who buys something from you, what are you REALLY doing to get them to buy from you again?

If you’re like most Shopify store owners, you’re probably focusing most of your time on acquiring new customers instead of selling more to the same people who have already bought from you.

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If so, remember this critical truth about marketing:

It’s seven times more expensive to get a new customer than it is to get your existing customers to buy from you again.

But how do you do it? How do you get your customers to keep buying?

You don’t want to just bombard them with email after email promoting product after product.

That doesn’t work.

Neither do email newsletters, flash sales, “urgent” sales or product upsells. At least not once the initial hype wears off and when your competitors start copying you with lower prices, free shipping and other perks you can’t afford to replicate.

You need to be strategic about it. And that’s exactly what you’ll learn how to do in this post.

Keep reading and I’ll walk you through the exact step-by-step process you can use to:

  • Collect testimonials from happy customers
  • Get them to buy again from you again, IMMEDIATELY
  • Use their feedback to improve the conversion rate of your Shopify store
  • Increase your Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) by 30-100%, depending on what you sell and your profit margin

… and best of all, this takes less than an hour to set up and requires zero technical or design skills.

Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not.

Put your thoughts of skepticism aside and let’s get to it…

What We’ll Do – A Quick Overview

What we’re going to do is so simple you might think it’s TOO simple. But like all good things in business, the simpler something is, the better it works.

Here are the steps that make up our strategy:

  1. Create a simple, branded customer feedback survey using Fieldboom (claim your free trial here)
  2. Create a one-time use (per customer) discount code in Shopify for 20% off their next order
  3. Edit your Shopify order confirmation email to include a link to your new customer feedback survey
  4. Use this discount code as a “hook” to have them complete your survey
  5. Provide them with the discount code as soon as they’ve completed the survey

Remember, this is a “set and forget” marketing strategy. Do it once and never again.

I’ll give you all of the copy (text) you need to use and I’ll walk you through absolutely everything you need to do with screenshots.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete e-commerce newbie or a seasoned pro, this strategy works, no matter what you’re selling or who you’re selling to.

This strategy gives you two critical things you need to sky rocket your sales:

  1. More orders from existing customers for zero additional marketing spend
  2. Insightful feedback about their purchasing experience and also testimonials you can use to improve your web site visitor to customer conversion rate

Let’s now look at how to implement this in less than an hour using Shopify and Fieldboom.

(Note: If you haven’t heard of Fieldboom, it’s simple software we designed to help e-commerce business owners create post-purchase customer surveys to increase their online sales. You can learn more about it here.)

I’m going to assume you have a Shopify store with customers and I’m also going to assume you’ve claimed your Fieldboom free trial account (takes 30 seconds).

Sound good? Let’s jump in! 👩‍💻

Step 1 – Create Your Customer Feedback Survey

Let’s start by creating your customer feedback survey using Fieldboom’s simple drag & drop survey tool. Once you’ve got your Fieldboom trial account, go here to create a new survey.

You’ll see an empty survey, like this:

Screen Shot 2018 03 11 at 2.20.51 PM

To add questions to your survey, you simply drag an icon from the left and drop it into the middle of the page, like this:


Easy enough…

Let’s start by asking for their first name, so we can use it to personalize the survey.

To do that, we drag a Single Line Text field on to our survey and change the question text to “Let’s start with your first name:”, like this:


Next, we’ll add a Net Promoter Score question, so we can ask them how likely they are to recommend us to their friends on a scale of 0 (not likely) to 10 (very likely):


Finally, we’re going to add 3 additional questions:

  • We’re going to ask why they chose that particular Net Promoter Score rating
  • We’re going to ask for a testimonial if they like our products (optional)
  • We’re going to ask for their email address (optional)

Let’s add a Paragraph Text field to ask why they chose that particular Net Promoter Score:


Notice how we’re using answer piping to personalize the question text? In this example, if my first name is Jessica (which it is!) and I chose an NPS rating of 9, then I would see the following question text:

Jessica, why did you choose a 9/10 rating?

Let’s now add an optional field to collect a testimonial if they are what’s known as a “promoter” (they chose a 9 or 10 for their NPS rating in question 2):


For our final survey question, let’s ask for their email address if they’d like us to follow up:


Finally, we’ll rename our survey from “Untitled Form” to “Customer Feedback” and hit that orange “Save Form” button. This will give us a link we can use to share our survey, which we’ll need in the next step:


Here’s how our customer survey looks at the moment (click here to try it out):


You’ll notice that the survey looks pretty basic and has default Welcome and Thank You pages, but we’ll customize those later.

Step 2 – Create Your Shopify Discount Code

OK, now we’ve got our customer feedback survey created. That took us all of about 5 minutes. Pretty easy, right?

Next, let’s create the one-time use discount code we’re going to offer as an incentive to existing customers for completing our survey immediately after they buy from us.

To do that, we need to sign in to Shopify and click the Discounts menu on the left:


Then we simply create our discount code like this:


The important things to include when creating your discount code are:

  • Choose a discount percentage that’s high enough to entice existing customers to buy again, but not too high that it makes your average order unprofitable
  • Limit the number of uses to one per customer

Now we’re going to use Shopify’s built in feature that will give us a link we can share with our customers that will automatically apply the discount at checkout, instead of them having to remember to type it in.

To get that link, just click the “Get Shareable Link” button that appears after you create your discount code:


Then hit the “Copy link” button that appears:


Paste this link somewhere you can get back to it later, such as Evernote.

Step 3 – Edit Your Shopify Order Confirmation Email

Nice job so far!

Now we’re going to edit the Shopify email that’s sent to our customers when their order has been delivered.

Start by going to Settings -> Notifications -> Shipment delivered in Shopify:

We can now customize the contents of the email that’s sent to our customers when their order has been shipped.

Shopify’s emails are a little bit complicated, so we need to use our web browser’s Find feature (Command+F on Mac, or Ctrl+F on Windows) to look for “View your order” in the contents of the email.

Here’s how:


You’ll notice a <table> tag just above the “View your order” text, like this:


ABOVE this <table> tag, we need to paste in the following HTML code:

<div style="background:lightyellow; padding:20px; margin-bottom:20px; border:5px #3f4eae dashed">
        <strong style="font-size:18px">Want 20% off your next order? 😎</strong><p />
        <p><a href="ADD_YOUR_SURVEY_LINK_HERE" style="text-decoration:underline">Click here to tell us about your purchase experience</a> and we'll give you a 20% discount code immediately.</p>

It should end up looking like this:


IMPORTANT: Make sure you change the ADD_YOUR_SURVEY_LINK_HERE with a link to your Fieldboom survey. Here’s an example:

<div style="background:lightyellow; padding:20px; margin-bottom:20px; border:5px #3f4eae dashed">
        <strong style="font-size:18px">Want 20% off your next order? 😎</strong><p />
        <p><a href="" style="text-decoration:underline">Click here to tell us about your purchase experience</a> and we'll give you a 20% discount code immediately.</p>

Remember to link to YOUR survey, however, not the demo one we created earlier 😝

Once you’ve added the code, scroll to the top of the page in Shopify and hit Save, then hit Preview so you can see how your order confirmation email will look to your customers:

Screen Shot 2018 03 12 at 9.24.54 AM

See that yellow box? That’s what we just added to our email. Pretty cool, huh?!

OK, admittedly this is the hardest step to get right, so if you need any help, just click the little purple circle button that you’ll see at the bottom right of this page and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Our two final steps are easy – we’re just going to customize our Fieldboom survey a little with some simple text copy-and-pasting and also some basic design changes.

Step 4 – Set Up The Welcome Page For Your Survey To “Hook” Them

Sign back into Fieldboom and click “Edit Form” on your survey, then go to the “Welcome Page” tab, like this:


This is the first screen your customers will see after clicking the survey link in your Shopify order confirmation email. Right now it’s a bit bland, so let’s spice it up! 🔥

Remember, our goal here is to incentivize them to complete our short survey so they can get their 20% discount coupon right away.

To do that, we’ll do two things:

  1. Make our survey look beautiful and on brand
  2. Use (my!) persuasive copywriting skills

Let’s start by changing the text on the welcome page. You can make those changes in the right column from the Welcome Page tab, as follows:

Screen Shot 2018 03 12 at 9.35.13 AM

Here’s the text you can copy-and-paste into the “About Your Form” text box to make things easier for you:

Thanks for your recent order! Please take 2 minutes to tell us about your purchase experience and then you will immediately receive a 20% discount code which you can use on your next order from us.

Now we’ll jump over to the Design tab for our survey and make it pretty. I recommend using a free background image from Unsplash. You can also tweak the colors and fonts, add your logo, etc.

After 2 minutes of messing around, here’s the design I’ve come up with for our survey:

Here are the design settings I chose from the Design tab in Fieldboom:


  • All colors were white, except for the button, which was red (#C83440)
  • This is the background image I used from Unsplash
  • I chose the Pangolin font because it looks fun and fresh

You can see the actual survey I’ve built here

As you can see, it looks professional, is on brand (let’s assume I sell apparel to millennials) and of course, looks stunning on both desktop and mobile devices.

Step 5 – Provide The Discount Code From Your Survey’s Thank You Page

We’re almost done! Just one quick last step. When they’ve filled in our survey, we want to actually give them the 20% discount code, as promised.

To do that, go to the Thank You Page tab in Fieldboom, which looks like this:


In the right column, you can customize the headline text, the smaller text and also the button text and the link the button takes you to when clicked – which is what we want to do.

Remember that link from Shopify I told you to paste into Evernote earlier? Well, that’s what we need now, so go and grab it now.

I’ll wait… ⏰⏰⏰

Here are the simple changes we want to make to our Thank You Page (don’t forget to hit that “Save Form” button when you’re done!):

  • Headline: (no changes)
  • Text Below Headline: Thanks for your feedback  {{Q1_Answer}}! Click the button below to be taken to our online store. Your 20% discount will be applied automatically to your order!
  • Button Text: Visit Our Store
  • Button Link: The URL you copied in step 2 above, which will automatically apply the 20% discount to their cart in Shopify

Here’s how my Thank You Page settings look:

Screen Shot 2018 03 12 at 9.51.10 AM

… and here’s how the Thank You page looks after filling in the survey:

Screen Shot 2018 03 12 at 9.52.19 AM

When your customers click the “Visit Our Store” button, Shopify will automatically apply the discount code to their cart. Pretty neat, huh? 🍾

If you want to see our completed survey, you can click here to check it out. Feel free to fill it in with dummy data so you can get all the way through to the Thank You page.

Bonus Step – Reviewing Survey Responses

So you’re probably wondering where all of the responses to your customer feedback survey go, right? Well, I’m glad you asked 😎

First up, you get them instantly delivered to your email inbox. Here’s an example:

Screen Shot 2018 03 12 at 9.55.32 AM

I love getting them via email, because you can literally copy-and-paste any testimonials you receive and share them on your social channels instantly! 💁

Next, they’re all saved for you in Fieldboom, in what we call our Responses Inbox, which looks and feels exactly like your email inbox.

You can label and star responses, mark them as read or unread, leave comments for your team, etc:

Screen Shot 2018 03 12 at 10.01.02 AM

One of the best ways to use Fieldboom is to create labels to segment your responses.

For example, you might create a label called “Testimonials” for all customers who left you a testimonial. You can then add those testimonials to your website, use them on social media, etc.

You might also create a label called “Needs Follow Up”, so you can reach out to any angry or frustrated customers who weren’t happy with their purchase experience.

A simple apology here goes a long way and can turn an angry customers into a brand evangelist when done properly.

Finally, you can browse through responses one by one:


… and of course see your Net Promoter Score and trends in survey responses, from the “Reports” tab, like this:

Screen Shot 2018 03 12 at 10.04.03 AM

Let’s Wrap Up

So in closing, let’s remind ourselves why this simple simple simple strategy works so well specifically for the hundreds of thousands of Shopify businesses like you:

  • Everyone Wins – You get insightful feedback (which you can use to immediately improve your e-commerce sales) and your customers get a discount
  • Automated – Set this up once and it runs on auto-pilot, day in, day out
  • Customer Driven – The best businesses create a continuous feedback loop with their customers and are always listening, which is what we’ve created here
  • Proven – Remember that it’s 7x cheaper to get an existing customer to buy again than it is to go out and find a new customer, because they already know, like and trust you
  • Profitable – This is easily one of the top 3 e-commerce marketing strategies you can implement in your business to massively accelerate your sales and growth with minimal effort and within a small amount of time (less than an hour)

Get To It!

In this post I’ve given you the EXACT, step-by-step process you need to implement this incredible strategy into your Shopify business. The question is, will you take action and make it work for you?

Set aside an hour right now and get it done. I promise you, it’s worth the time and effort. It will grow your sales, delight your customers and give you a constant stream of valuable feedback you can use to keep improving your business.

Questions? We’re Here To Help!

Just hit the little purple circle at the bottom right of this page if you need help implementing any of this into your Shopify store and we’ll be more than happy to help you out 😎

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