How ShineSolar Uses Fieldboom to Shorten Their Sales Cycle

Being in a relatively new space like solar is tricky. Here’s how ShineSolar uses a simple quiz to educate prospects and prime them to close, before passing them over to a sales rep.

ShineSolar Team

ShineSolar At A Glance:

  • Industry: Energy
  • Headquarters: Springfield, MO
  • Employees: 60+

ShineSolar is a rooftop solar company that services customers in Arkansas and Missouri. They help home owners save on their energy costs by utilizing solar power instead of electricity.

To help educate people on the relatively new space of solar energy, head of marketing Brad Forbush decided to add a quiz to their sales funnel, right before prospects would speak with their sales team.

“I wanted to create a quiz where we could educate people and make sure they understood the concepts of solar, so when we get them on the phone they can make a buying decision faster”.

The ShineSolar team aren’t technical, so coding a quiz from scratch was out of the question. It just so happened that Brad was browsing Facebook one day, when a Fieldboom ad caught his eye:

“I found you guys through a Facebook ad initially. I signed up but then got busy and forgot about Fieldboom. Luckily your email marketing kept Fieldboom top of mind for me”, says Brad.

Moving Prospects Further Down the Sales Funnel

Using Fieldboom, Brad created a quiz that would accomplish three main things:

  1. Educate prospects on the benefits of solar
  2. Move them from awareness to desire and action (AKA ready to buy)
  3. Capture contact details so their sales team could follow up and close deals

The quiz Brad created is shown to prospects along with hundreds of 5-star reviews from existing, happy ShineSolar clients, providing social proof and encouraging them to take the quiz.

“We know quizzes are excellent for moving people through the sales process and I love how easy it was to not only create a quiz with Fieldboom, but also to embed it directly in to our Clickfunnels web site”, says Brad.

Big Plans for the Future

Now that their first quiz is live and working well, Brad plans to create an advanced quiz which will help prospects determine if they’re ready for solar or not.

Using Fieldboom’s scoring and skip logic features, prospects will be shown custom landing pages based on their solar-readiness. The sales team will then call all prospects who are sales-ready so they can close more deals, faster.

When asked if Brad would recommend Fieldboom, his response was an overwhelming yes:

“I would definitely recommend Fieldboom. The product is very easy to use, your support is excellent and the early results we’re seeing from our quiz are very encouraging”.

Ellen is a wordsmith for Fieldboom. She has an obsession with helping small businesses and a passion for social media marketing.