How Foundr Built a 7-Figure Business Using Fieldboom

Foundr relies heavily on market research and customer surveys built with Fieldboom to decide which products and online courses to create. Here's how they do it.

Nathan Chan From Foundr

Foundr At A Glance:

  • Industry: Publishing / Training
  • Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia
  • Customers: 10,000+
  • Employees: 12
  • Switched From: Typeform

Foundr has grown from a monthly digital publication with 1,000 subscribers into a thriving multimedia company with over 250,000 subscribers and 1 million+ podcast listeners by doing one simple thing: asking questions.

Surveys provide essential data for business strategy—a topic the new generation of entrepreneurs crave, according to Nathan Chan, founder and CEO of Foundr.

“There are a lot of gurus teaching courses, a lot of get-rich-quick schemes, a lot of rubbish out there,” said Nathan. “There’s nothing out there that really goes deep on the topic of entrepreneurship and startups, and that’s the problem that we’re trying to tackle.”

Foundr is helping entrepreneurs realize success with “a supportive, potent global community built on authenticity, limitless ambition, and getting shit done.” It’s doing this by providing subscribers with a magazine, podcasts, blog, and courses with the goal of helping “10 million entrepreneurs create 10 million ass-kicking businesses.”

When Foundr launched as a monthly publication in 2013, Nathan wanted stories in the magazine that would help his readers answer the question: “What does it take to become a successful entrepreneur?”

The value proposition is simple: learn from proven entrepreneurs and startup founders. The magazine has published stories based on interviews with dozens of entrepreneurs, including Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Arianna Huffington, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

Pre-Selling Courses Using Surveys

As subscriptions grew, Foundr’s readers started asking for more regular updates—so Nathan started a blog to complement the magazine. Then Nathan started getting requests for training courses on different tasks common for entrepreneurs.

He liked the idea, but he felt he needed to verify demand.

If he created courses, would enough people buy them to make it worth the time and effort? To answer this question, Nathan created a survey and sent it to his subscribers to ask if they’d be interested in paid training courses from Foundr.

The answer: a resounding yes.

That data pointed to some specific trends, which lead to the outline of a course and another quick survey. One question asked, “If this course summary interests you, would you pay for it right now?”

Enough people said “Yes,” they would pull out their credit cards to take advantage of the discounted registration fee. This convinced Nathan the idea was worth pursuing.

Since then, Foundr has built a series of paid products and sold them to their audiences of entrepreneurs. At every step, Nathan has relied on surveys to guide and inform both content and product decisions.

Nathan uses Fieldboom to create all of his surveys. He finds Fieldboom’s survey builder easy to use and the reporting easy to comprehend. He wants building a survey to be as quick and painless as it is to respond to.

That’s essential because Foundr frequently surveys subscribers to collect data on nearly every aspect of its business development.

Feedback At Every Stage Of The Customer Journey

Foundr’s earliest surveys helped identify the gaps in entrepreneur training resources and measured the level of interest for specific offerings through its pre-sales strategies. Today, Foundr uses surveys to collect feedback in a variety of places throughout the business, including feedback from course participants.

All of these surveys and responses have taken Nathan and his original “small team of freelancers” in a direction he didn’t anticipate. A consistent six-figure monthly income is just a milestone along the way to achieving his larger goals.

“We’ve gone on to do many other things and really built much more than a magazine. We’ve created a brand around entrepreneurship and a really big content powerhouse,” he said.

All those opportunities—identified and verified by survey data gathered from his readers and powered by Fieldboom, of course.

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