Round-Up: The 9 Best Customer Feedback Links Of The Week

This week's round-up includes 9 of the best articles we've read about customer feedback and how it can be used to create loyal customers and grow your business faster. Enjoy!

Customer Feedback Round Up

How to Launch Your Own “Voice of the Customer” Program

Customer feedback is the secret weapon of every fast-growing business. In this detailed guide, we’ll show you exactly how a “Voice Of The Customer” program can help grow your business faster.

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How to Share Customer Feedback With the Rest of the Team

You know it’s important to collect and measure customer feedback, and one way to make the most of it is by sharing what you receive internally. But then the question becomes, “How can we do it in a way that everyone can see — and doesn’t bother people who don’t want to review it?” Here’s what and how you should be sharing the feedback with your team.

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4 Expert Feedback Tips for Amazon Sellers

Amazon has really opened the door for companies (big and small) to sell their products online. But sellers need to be focused on more than just their products: They also need to pay attention to their reviews, considering 91 percent of consumers read online reviews for local businesses. If you’re serious about selling on Amazon, here are some customer feedback tips you’ll want to check out.

[New Guide] 25+ Proven Lead Generation Ideas With Case Studies & Screenshots 📈

Here are more than 25 proven, actionable and easy-to-implement ways to generate more leads for your business so you can grow your revenue and close more deals.

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How Customer Feedback Can Be Used to Develop Loyalty Programs

With the right strategy, companies can gather a wealth of priceless information. But it’s the companies that do something with that information that are truly successful. Check out these tips for how to use your feedback to create a loyalty program.

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7 Ways to Create a Great Customer Experience Strategy

It’s no surprise so many companies are focusing on creating customer experience strategies. These strategies (when done correctly) can lead to higher customer satisfaction rates, reduced customer church and increased revenues. One part of that strategy is collecting (and using) customer feedback. Here’s how your company can create a successful customer experience strategy.

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Digital Marketing Tips for Managing Feedback and Customer Service Issues

Digital marketers know people engage with brands online: That’s no surprise. Sometimes, this engagement can revolve around negative reviews or customer service issues — which can pose a problem if you’re not prepared to handle it. Here are some tips that can help if this happens for you.

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3 Steps for Transforming Negative Feedback Into Positive Results

Not all customer feedback is positive — and that can actually be a great thing for your business. You just need to know what to do with negative feedback when (not if) you get it. Try these three steps to make the most of your not-so-glowing customer feedback.

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Designing a Customer Feedback Survey That Helps You and Doesn’t Annoy Customers

We’re all doing more with less, whether that’s less staff, resources or time. So when you ask someone to do something, keep that in mind and make it worth their while. That’s especially true when it comes to customer feedback surveys: You need to balance getting the information you need with making it manageable for them to fill out. Check out these on how to do that.

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5 Key Tips for Collecting Accurate App Feedback

Pretty much everything is available instantly and just a touch away with mobile devices — and that includes customer feedback. To make sure you’re getting accurate feedback that’s helpful, you’ll need to take a few steps to figure out your strategy first. Here are some ways to collect feedback for your app.

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Have you read any great posts about customer feedback this week? If so, please share them in the comments section below!

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