Customer Engagement Strategies That Boost Revenue

High engagement with customers leads to repeat sales and word of mouth. Here's how to get it right.

Customer Engagement

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Never Stop Marketing

You might be an experienced salesperson who closes nearly every sale. But what happens next? Do you move on to a new prospect and hope your current customers stay where they are?

That’s a mistake many business owners make: they stop marketing to their clients.

Marketing your business and services isn’t just something you do to attract new clients. It’s also a way to engage your current customers, showing you’re thinking of them and care about any additional problems they’re having that you can help solve.

Try sending them an email when you have a new piece of online content or if there’s something interesting going on within your business. You can keep it short and sweet:

Emailing Customers With New Blog Content

More Than Just A Number

Everyone wants to feel like they aren’t just a number – and your customers are no different. Show them you know them on a personal level, not just as a paycheck

That can be as easy as always addressing emails with their names or sending them messages on special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries working with them, holidays). Break that corporate speak and show you’re a real person who cares about your customers.

Build Trust And Relationships

You’d do more for your friends and family than you would a stranger, right? Don’t be a stranger to your customers — work to cultivate trust and relationships.

Trust takes a while to happen with clients, but some ways you can help build trust include being honest (especially when you’re in the wrong), being transparent and doing what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it.

Leverage Marketing Automation

A solid relationship requires constant work and communication. But don’t worry – that doesn’t have to mean more on your plate.

The level of personalization available in marketing automation software today means you can email relevant, timely content to each of your customers based on what they DO or DON’T DO. It’s all easy to set up, completely automated and completely personalized.

For example, you can email new customers the day after they buy. If they open your email, you can send them a follow up immediately. If they don’t, you might wait 2 weeks to send a follow up and take a different approach in that email.

Our favorite marketing automation tool is Infusionsoft. It’s simple to get up and running and does all of the heavy lifting for you once you’ve created your campaigns.

Infusionsoft Campaign Builder

Host VIP Events For Customers

If you have local customers, invite them to an event like a picnic, focus group or another type of social event. The benefits of in-person events are twofold. First, you can pick their brains for feedback. Second, they get to relax and enjoy being with your team on a more casual level

That creates a positive relationship and helps build their brand loyalty for your company. After all, how many of your competitors are thinking about hosting in-person events for their customers? Hint – probably none.

Re-Engage Laggard Customers

Do you have a few wayward customers who are on the verge of leaving you for greener pastures? Maybe they haven’t interacted with you in a while, or their purchasing habits have stalled.

Try emailing those lost sheep to let them know you’ve missed them. It will help put your company front of mind and also give them the chance to reach back out if they need anything. You don’t want to sound desperate, so keep the message light and even a bit comical:

Customer Re-Engagement Email

Email Isn’t The Only Channel

You could be doing great things to keep your customers. But if they don’t know about it and don’t see it, you’re wasting your time.

You need to know where your customers are — whether that’s social media, email, in person or over the phone — and then reach out to them there. Not only does that help you interact with them, but it also shows them you know what communication method they prefer. It’s another way to give your customers a more personal experience when dealing with your business.

Find out the best way to reach your customers simply by asking them. You could make it a quick question that pops up when they purchase something (while you have them there), or it could be part of a survey you send out after the sale.

Customer Updates Via Text Message

Ask Your Customers For Feedback Regularly

Stop trying to guess what your customers want and expect from your business and start asking them. It’s a simple idea but you’d be amazed at how many businesses simply don’t do it.

Gathering customer feedback can help you figure out how to improve and grow your business, while also helping customers feel heard and valued.

Asking for customer feedback on your products and services shouldn’t be a one-time thing but something you do regularly – such as once a quarter or once a year.

You can do that by emailing them a simple survey. You can place a feedback form on your web site. You can also use live chat for a more casual, one-to-one approach. The channels through which to collect feedback from your customers are almost endless. The point is that it should be done regularly.

In this guide we’ve given you our best tips to retain more of your customers. If you’ve never asked your customers for feedback, now is a great time to start. Fieldboom makes it easy to create beautiful surveys and online forms in less than 5 minutes, which you can send to your customers to start gathering feedback immediately.

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