How To Improve Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty creates customers who never leave. Here's how to architect it in your business.

Brand Loyalty

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Show Them What You Care About

Think about the people you’re most drawn to. Do they have similar values or ideas? We tend to relate to others who feel the same way we do, so help your customers connect with you by sharing your company’s values.

Here are some things you can share:

  • Business practices: What’s important to you and your team (examples include hard work, family, perseverance, dependability, giving back, etc)?
  • Organizations or causes: Are there any groups or causes you’re passionate about and support?

Post about it on social media to help your customers better relate to you. Coke has even created products and an entire marketing campaign around their values of friendship and sharing:

Become A Thought Leader

You want to be the one company your customers trust and turn to when they need the products or services you provide. That’s what’s going to set you apart from the competition and keep them coming back for more. Basically, your goal is to become the undisputed thought leader in your industry, and make sure your customers know it.

The best way to become a thought leader is to think about how you can help your customers well beyond just the products and services you offer. Today that means putting out helpful content on a regular schedule.

Start by focusing on problems you know your customers are experiencing and think about how you can use what you know to help them. You then create your content (such as blog posts, short Youtube videos, stories on Snapchat, etc) and get it in front of customers via social media, email marketing, etc.

The key to becoming a thought leader is 1) consistently producing content and 2) making that content more like edutainment (a mix of advice and fun) than straight educational content. Remember – everyone has a short attention span, including your customers, so don’t take yourself too seriously and keep your content short and useful.

Keep Your Contracts Simple

If you sell using contracts, make sure you keep them as simple and as easy to understand as possible. Here’s a good litmus test – if your contract needs to be reviewed by a lawyer before a potential customer can sign it, it’s too complicated.

Contracts can repeal a lot of potential customers too, so keep that in mind. One option that works really well is to have flexible payment terms (i.e. no contracted period) but to offer a 20%+ discount for customers who are comfortable signing a 6/12/24 month contract.

That’s win-win.

“Do not try to include everything. It’s better to develop a service contract that would be highly desirable to 40 percent of customers than to develop something that would be only moderately appealing to 90 percent.” —Norman Hood, founder of “The Exit Plan Show”

Position Yourself To Over Deliver

Creating moderate customer expectations helps set the stage for you to really wow them — so make sure you do just that. Not only will it make your customers happy, but it will also help you differentiate your company from competitors.

Here are some ideas for how to go the extra mile:

  • Give gift cards to customers who have experienced a problem with your product
  • Show customers you’ve listened to their insights – for example, let them know if you made a change because of something they suggested
  • Empathize with their problems and make it a personal goal to fix what’s wrong
  • Check on customers even when they haven’t reported an issue
  • Send discounts or a small gift on their anniversary of being your customer

People remember bad experiences more than good ones, so make sure you limit those as much as possible.

Keep It Consistent

From your customer service to sales, your entire company needs to operate as a unified force. Customers shouldn’t love working with one department and hate another. Your whole team should be consistent.

That starts with your team’s training and how they’re taught to handle different situations, like customer complaints or questions.

You can also rely on your CRM to keep track of each customer and how they’ve interacted with you in the past. Encourage team members to save notes when they speak with a customer, so in the future the rest of your team will have a mini-history of everything that customer has inquired about.

Make Them Feel Special

Think about a moment where you truly felt special as a customer. Maybe someone went out of their way to help you, or they took the time to get to know you and your needs. Remember that? So will your customers.

You could send them a handwritten note thanking them for their business or better yet, record a short video for EVERY customer thanking them for putting their trust in your business.

The best way to make your customer feel special is simple – think about what you’d like to see a company do for you and then emulate that.

Never, Ever Sacrifice Quality

You can use every trick in the book to keep customers, but if you let the quality of your services and products slide, so will your customer retention rate.

Remain true to your company’s core values and high level of quality — which are probably the things that attracted new customers to you in the first place.

You can ask customers to rate the quality of your services and products when they make a purchase, either through email or directly on your site.

If they don’t give you the highest rating, make sure you reach out to them to see what you could have done differently. Your customers will appreciate that you care about their feedback, helping them feel more connected to your company and catching them before they possibly leave (once again, it’s all about having that connection).

A Simple Way To Boost Brand Loyalty

One of the simplest ways to boost brand loyalty is to ask your customers for feedback. The other is to understand the right marketing mix to use, even before they become a customer.

With Fieldboom you can create a beautiful customer feedback survey that will give you real insight into what your customers are thinking and how you can improve your products or services to increase your customer retention rate and grow your revenue.

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